Bar style: rose gold corkscrews

Bar style: rose gold corkscrews

Everyone loves a beautiful bar. This collection of rose gold corkscrews and wine bottle openers are the perfect addition to any home bar.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or another wine lover or cocktail connoisseur, every drink enthusiast loves a good bar accessory. 

Here are notable rose gold corkscrews to finish off any bar cart. There’s one for every style. Some affiliate links are included.

Happy shopping!

Dress up your bar with rose gold corkscrews

Let’s start the list with an artistic piece. This elegant rose gold wine key is magnetic and minimalistic.

Everyone loves pineapples. They’re a universal sign for “welcome”. This rose gold pineapple bottle stopper comes in a set with a bottle opener. Great hostess gift or housewarming gift.

This rose gold rabbit wine opener comes with a no-drip wine pourer and a bottle stopper. Great for the perfectionist or neat freak in your life.

For someone who likes a little bling bling… this rhinestone bottle opener is ready to glam up a drink cart.

Just want to get to the wine? Hate traditional bottle openers? This battery operated wine opener is fancy and convenient. And, yup. It comes in rose gold.

Aren’t you fancy… This premium Le Creuset bottle opener is a piece of art. It’s the type of corkscrew you leave out all the time.

Why stop at the bottle opener? Start a new at-home bar or get yours holiday-ready with this copper cocktail set. It’s a great start to a new bar cart style. 

ROD wine glasses review 2017

ROD wine glasses review 2017

I’ve been breaking wine glasses

We recently lost all our wine glasses to unfortunate incidents involving soap, granite + wine. For months, I’ve been texting my fiancé pics of wine glass casualties.

There have been many sad face emojis involved. 

After hearing about the numerous wine glass casualties, RÖD Wine Glasses stepped in to save the day. They make beautiful, sturdy glasses that come in a storage box. Just what I needed! If you need gift ideas for newlyweds and wine lovers, or if you are in the wine glass market yourself, this post is for you.


When ROD wine glasses heard about my series of unfortunate glass breaking tragedies, they felt my pain. They specifically designed their glasses and packages for sometimes clumsy people like me. They sent me high-quality wine glasses and champagne flutes in exchange for a review. Included in my review you’ll find new tipsy quotes and affiliate links to buy ROD Wine Glasses with a 20% off coupon code “SBGWINO”


While I’m not a wine snob, I do appreciate the difference a nice wine glass makes. Using beautiful glasses, like the ones I’m used to at wine tastings, transforms drinking into a wine experience. They would make great gifts for soon to-be-engaged couples in 2017.


That’s why I always prefer to use real wine glasses, even for lazy Saturday mimosas. Champagne flutes make at-home brunch feel extraordinary. Even while wearing fold-over yoga pants.


These days I’m crazy for this tropical pineapple mimosa with strawberries. It’s a great beverage if you’re looking for a cocktail acceptable before noon.

Built in wine storage

One of the reasons I kept breaking wine glasses was that I didn’t have enough shelving to store them. The heavy-duty boxes that protect ROD Wine Glasses during shipping are part of the value. The box doubles as wine storage, which completely solves the problem of safely storing and protecting the wine glasses at home. Wine storage solved!

Forget super-fragile

It’s important to own real wine glasses that don’t break easily. The wine glasses from ROD are super durable. I’ve accidentally tapped them here and there (admittingly, sometimes on my teeth!) with no problems. Except, maybe, for the fact that it can be embarressing to tap wine on your teeth instead of sipping it.

Wine camping quotes and gift ideas

Wine camping quotes and gift ideas

Imagine you just arrived at a woodsy campsite and started unpacking the car. Would you be more disappointed to find out there is no tent, or no wine?

This is one camping problem I wouldn’t want to be dealing with in the middle of the woods. Although it would be a bummer to sleep in the car, I’d take the wine over a tent. If you can relate, you’ll enjoy my collection of funny wine camping quotes + gift ideas for people who love camping and wine.

In my opinion, being fully stocked with wine is more valuable than having a tent. After all, a tent can still leak! A bottle of wine will be perfect all night. 

I’d pack my favorite campfire pairing: a smoky red wine, like a Cabernet Sauvignon from California, to go with gooey s’mores.


creative camping and wine giftS 

Basically flasks for wine, these plastic wine container bags can be used to mask labels for wine tastings. They also come in handy at the holidays when you open multiple bottles of expensive wine and have “leftovers” to keep fresh in an airtight container over a few days.

The only type of bear I want to see while camping is the one that’s sticking out of my wine bottle. These cute woodland themed wine bottle stoppers with a bear, moose and deer, are a unique wine gift for the woodsy-type.

When visiting wine country, don’t forget to pack reusable wine travel bags. They are so thin and lightweight, you might as well leave them in your luggage at all times, just in case. Having your souvenir wine arrive in one piece? Priceless.

Traveling with real wine glasses while camping is rather complicated and dangerous and using a solo cup on a pricey bottle of vino is dissapointing. Fortunately, there are options for people who don’t want to break wine glasses! Recently, in exchange for feedback, I tested the best unbreakable wine glasses I’ve tried yet, by a company called TaZa. I have previous experience owning GoVino plastic wine glasses years ago, and in my opinion, TaZa’s were more like real wine glasses because they have a comfortable edge to sip from, vs GoVino which felt a bit uncomfortable with a sharp edge on the rim of the glass.

If you’re looking for a handy gift for wine lovers and campers, check out these unbreakable stemless wine glasses by TaZa. They are so beautiful I can’t believe they are plastic. A set of plastic wine glasses make for a creative bridal shower gift or wedding gift for friends that love to go camping. They are also dishwasher safe and can be used for romantic picnics and outdoor patio drinking.

Don’t like bugs? Then you would probably hate finding them in your wine. Campers who don’t like bugs will appreciate this bug net wine cover but I’m just wondering if I can order a life-size one to sleep in when camping!

The hands-free wine holder necklace is one of the most popular accessories I see fellow wine lovers sporting at wine festivals. Not only is it handy for wine tastings, it’s a cute gift for someone who loves to talk with their hands or drink wine while cooking.

Maybe it’s easy to juggle the first glass of wine at a picnic, but by the second, it’s time to put the wine down inbetween sips. Backyard wine drinkers know what I’m talking about. If you want to keep your hands free, check out these outdoor wine bottle holder yard stakes.

If you’re good at remembering to bring reusable bags to the grocery store, you’ll love this new way to transport wine for road trips, picnics and parties. This insulated tote bag makes for a housewarming gift, too.

If you own those popular collapsible seats, this wine glass holder for outdoor chairs will help you stay hands free while juggling your meal campside. It clips right on the arm rest so your hands are free to roast marshmallows.

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