It’s the secret to a perfect medium or medium-rare steak. A reliable way to cook crisp (not mushy) vegetables. And it’s making gorgeous poached eggs a reality for home cooks.

Sous vide equipment is becoming a staple in kitchens everywhere.

What is sous vide cooking

Learning how to cook sous vide style is easy. This cooking method involves seasoning food, putting it in a bag, and submerging it in hot water. Each recipe provides a designated time and temperature to set your sous vide machine. 

When the timer goes off, your food is cooked. Some recipes, especially for steak, require searing food in a pan 1-2 minutes before serving.

Sous vide equipment you need

1. Sous vide machine
2. Bags
3. Container to hold water

Below is a list of popular sous vide equipment. 
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1. Get a sous vide machine

Many sous vide machines are wifi-capable and come with an app. That means you don’t have to be in the kitchen while your food cooks. Long recipes can be set overnight or while you’re away.

Here are popular sous vide machines…

Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker

This is the in the post photo above

Magic Mill 9 Qt Sous Vide Machine

This sous vide machine has a build-in container. It looks like a crock pot.

2. Get sous vide bags

Ziploc-type bags work, but a vacuum seal machine does a great job squeezing marinades and flavors into your food.

FoodSaver Bags for sous vide cooking

These don’t require a vacuum seal system

3. Pick a sous vide container

You need a container, like a large soup pot, to hold the sous vide water bath. Once you get the hang of sous vide, you’ll inevitably want a large sous vide container to cook in batches.

A lid will help you cook a large piece of meat, like a 5LB sous vide pork shoulder, overnight without waking up to add water. The lid retains heat so you can sleep.

Popular sous vide recipes

      • Make tender meat that pulls apart for sandwiches and tacos.
      • Sous vide root vegetables.
      • Caramelize onions in beer.
      • Make Starbucks-inspired sous vide egg cups at home.
      • Pickle veg.
      • Poach pears and apples.
      • Poach eggs.
      • Make limoncello. 

Go ahead, play with your food

Shop the links above to start cooking perfect steak and veg any night of the week… If you already have the sous vide equipment above, see the list of essential sous vide accessories.

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