It seems everyone is talking about sous vide cooking these days. This method is wildly popular because it helps home chefs of all levels cook with confidence. It’s easy to create consistently delicious food, packed with flavor.

With the right sous vide equipment, it’s almost impossible to ruin steak. That means you can buy expensive cuts of meat and cook them right every time. Once you master sous vide basics, it’s time to expand your skills with recipes from pros.

Sous vide cookbooks for home chefs

There’s a sous vide cookbook for every type of cuisine. Below is a roundup of popular sous vide cookbooks. It includes affiliate links.

Get more out of your sous vide gear

It’s easier to sous vide large pieces of meat (5LB+) and overnight recipes with these sous vide accessories.

If you’re new to this technique, here’s a guide to sous vide equipment

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