Oven Baked PEAR Chips with Cinnamon and Sugar

Oven Baked PEAR Chips with Cinnamon and Sugar

Your favorite new healthy snack? Oven baked cinnamon pear chips!

Today I present to you one of my favorite Fall snacks to make with crisp, ripe, brown-skinned Bosc pears: oven baked pear chips with cinnamon and sugar. It gets bonus points because fruit chips are a healthier option than regular potatoes chips, too. If you can’t wait to eat these for dessert, serve as an appetizer and reduce the amount of sugar. These chips look beautiful and add a crunch to cheese plates (bonus tip: they taste great with a drizzle of wild honey).

Before you call my bluff, I’ll do it. This post was originally about apple crisps. Yes, it is summer – should I have known there would be no apples? Summer is more like fall in San Francisco. Although, it seems the grocery stores don’t know that. I couldn’t find an apple to save my life. Berries – check. Oranges – check. Plums – in ridiculous abundance. But apples? no where in sight (okay, after I put pears in my basket I noticed a stash of apples, but it was too late to turn back).

I opted for organic Bosc pear chips, the ones with the brown skin. You could also start with green pear chips – they are usually a bit sweeter.

Prepare pears for crunchiness

In the past I’ve torn apple crisps to shreds as I pry their lifeless paper-thin strips from “nonstick” cookie sheets. Now I recommend putting down parchment paper on the cookie sheet first to create pear crisps you can easily move from the oven to a bowl.

Spices needed for cinnamon pear chips

Instead of seasoning the chips at the end, I prefer to sprinkle cinnamon on the pears right before putting them in the oven. You can also sprinkle on ginger, nutmeg or cloves to make this recipe your own. Once your oven baked pear chips are done you can sprinkle a little more cinnamon and add a dusting of sugar to the crisps. Brown sugar or stevia also works.

This is super easy, you’ll probably breeze through the photo steps, so let’s dive right in!

Decapitate + mandolin your pear

Conservatively remove the stem top and bottom from the pear. Next you’ll want to get slices so think you’ll need a mandolin to help. (it’s a smart investment) I used the 1 + 2 settings on my progressive mandolin slicer to make thin slices. Paper thin slices will help them crisp up quickly, but you’ll need extra baking sheets.

How long it takes to cook pear chips

If your cinnamon pear crisps aren’t ready, they will be a bit chewy and the pear will look doughy and not toasted and crunchy. It’s difficult to provide exact time expectations for this recipe since it depends how thick you slice the pears on the mandolin. I love my progressive mandolin (if you’re in the market for one). It has a guide so you don’t nip your fingers and the chips come out a consistent size so they cook evenly.

Paper thin slices will help them crisp up quickly, but you’ll need extra baking sheets.

Emerge ’em!

Place pair chips in boiling water for a few minutes to soften them up. Add sprinkles of cinnamon or other spices at this time but remember its most important to add spices right before putting them in the oven.

Arrange pear chips on a baking sheet.

You’ll thank yourself later if you lay down parchment paper first. You’ll need about one baking sheet for each half of a pear.

Sprinkle your seasonings.

You can keep it simple and make cinnamon pear chips, or you can experiment with ginger, cloves, brown sugar or another seasoning of your choice.

Pop them in the oven at 250 degrees.

Check on them every half hour, turning them over once one side gets crispy. Usually they are finished within 1.5 hours.

Cinnamon pear chips accomplished!

When they are nice and crunchy, they are done!

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