Crunchy cauliflower mac and cheese with gruyere + panko

Crunchy cauliflower mac and cheese with gruyere + panko

Revive Your favorite classic mac and cheese comfort dish with cauliflower

You’ll forget all about the traditional mac and cheese when you try this gourmet, homemade variety. Specialty cheeses like gruyere, sharp cheddar and parmesan melt together, bubbling over quirky wheel pasta shapes and cauliflower. Panko crumbs are mixed with fresh parsley, toasted on the stove and liberally applied to the top, to make this a creamy, crunchy cauliflower mac and cheese from scratch.

Mac and cheese with cauliflower

(+ onion, red pepper, Corn, peas…)

There’s plenty of cheese in this recipe, but something about substituting cauliflower in mac and cheese makes it easier to rationalize scraping the bottom of my ramekin with a fork until every last bit of melted cheese comes up.

Yes, I add more vegetables to convince myself mac and cheese is basically a salad. (wishful thinking!). Through experimentation, I’ve found this recipe isn’t phased by the addition of 1-2 extra ingredients (in addition to the cauliflower) such as diced onions and red peppers, corn, peas. Most of these small veggies can be tossed in raw, but if you add frozen peas or corn, I suggest you steam or heat them in a pan for a couple minutes so their frozen-ness doesn’t throw off the cooking time.

Hello my cheese loves:

gruyere, cheddar, parmesan

We live in a beautiful world where savory gruyere, sharp cheddar and parmesan cheeses are widely available in most supermarkets. At the market I frequent, there’s a wide cheese display where I have options within these cheese varieties. (it’s cheese heaven)

For some reason, it can be hard to find gruyere unless you ask. But, once you know where it is in the grocery store, you’ll be back for more (because it’s delicious and smokey and creamy).

Recently, a reader tried my Accordion Scalloped Potatoes Gratin on the grill recipe and just couldn’t find Gruyere in her small town. (very sad) If you’re unable to use Gruyere, make sure to get a cheese that will melt easily for similar results. In addition to mixing the cheese with the pasta dish ingredients, save about 1/4 cup of the cheese mix to sprinkle on the top of this cauliflower mac and cheese before you pop in the oven.

Add the ingredients to your grocery list, and put cauliflower mac and cheese on your menu!