Brunch cocktail: Pineapple mimosa

Brunch cocktail: Pineapple mimosa

The mimosa… the brunch cocktail that made it socially acceptable to drink at 10:30am. But, let’s be honest. It’s stuck in a rut. The standard OJ and champagne cocktail has become mainstream and predictable. With the addition of pineapple juice, it’s easy to fall in love with this brunch cocktail again.

A super easy brunch cocktail

The pineapple mimosa is a new twist on the typical brunch cocktail. It’s not too overwhelming to make before your first cup of coffee. The ingredients are easy to find. And it doesn’t involve digging out a blender. It’s a recipe you can bring to a holiday brunch, add to a bridal shower menu, or enjoy at a moment’s notice on a lazy Sunday.

To make a pineapple mimosa, use a 1:1 ratio of pineapple juice to bubbly. Serve in Champagne glasses and garnish with strawberries.


Instead of buying big bottles of Champagne, look for packs of mini Champagne bottles. They come in packs of 3 or 4. One mini champs is perfect for two pineapple mimosas. Not only do they make your fridge look classy, but then they’ll be on hand “for emergencies”. Like rainy Saturday mornings when you don’t feel like leaving bed to run errands.

What type of Champagne?

Any kind! You don’t have to buy a bottle with the label “Champagne”. Just make choose a bottle is sparkling wine. It should have a cork and a wire cage. Only wines from Champagne, France carry the label “Champagne”. Feel confident choosing any sparkling wine you like. The pineapple makes this recipe!

What type of pineapple juice?

Fresh squeezed pineapple juice isn’t always available, and that’s okay. You can usually find pineapple juice in cans or in OJ-like bottles year-round. I’ve tried all types of pineapple juice in this concoction and have no complaints!


In search of a new mimosa high, I set out on a mission to sample them across all four corners of the United States. I took notes in Boston, Baltimore, Miami, Austin, San Francisco, Seattle and Portland. There are versions garnished with fresh lavender. Or poured over squished red raspberries. Or mixed with peach puree (aka the Bellini). But, out of all the mimosa’s I’ve experimented, this pineapple mimosa is showing up regularly on my breakfast table. Gotta love a colorful tropical drink.


The beautiful champagne flutes in this pineapple mimosa recipe are from RÖD Wine Glasses. RÖD sent them to me to try for free in exchange for feedback. I’m so happy I don’t have to send them back! Below is info to check out the wine glasses. (contains affiliate links)

Mimosa lovers, brides-to-be and newlyweds love these high-quality ROD Wine Glasses. They're the perfect excuse to drink pineapple mimosas on the weekend. Plus, the shipping box doubles as glass storage. They're available online via Amazon or Through 12/31/16, use the 20% off code "SBGWINO" on either site.

Sure, you can use regular wine glasses for mimosas. But Champagne flutes are so damn classy! So, even if you want to lounge in fold-over yoga pants, take out Champagne glasses to make your weekend feel special. 

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Pineapple mimosa brunch cocktail recipe via #brunching #mimosa
Pineapple mimosa brunch cocktail recipe
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Pineapple mimosa brunch cocktail recipe via #brunching #mimosa
Pineapple mimosa brunch cocktail recipe
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4 people
Servings: people
  1. Fill Champagne glasses half way with sparkling wine.
  2. Add pineapple juice to fill the glass.
  3. Garnish with fresh fruit, like strawberries or pineapples.
Wine camping quotes and gift ideas

Wine camping quotes and gift ideas

Imagine you just arrived at a woodsy campsite and started unpacking the car. Would you be more disappointed to find out there is no tent, or no wine?

This is one camping problem I wouldn’t want to be dealing with in the middle of the woods. Although it would be a bummer to sleep in the car, I’d take the wine over a tent. If you can relate, you’ll enjoy my collection of funny wine camping quotes + gift ideas for people who love camping and wine.

In my opinion, being fully stocked with wine is more valuable than having a tent. After all, a tent can still leak! A bottle of wine will be perfect all night. 

I’d pack my favorite campfire pairing: a smoky red wine, like a Cabernet Sauvignon from California, to go with gooey s’mores.


creative camping and wine giftS 

Basically flasks for wine, these plastic wine container bags can be used to mask labels for wine tastings. They also come in handy at the holidays when you open multiple bottles of expensive wine and have “leftovers” to keep fresh in an airtight container over a few days.

The only type of bear I want to see while camping is the one that’s sticking out of my wine bottle. These cute woodland themed wine bottle stoppers with a bear, moose and deer, are a unique wine gift for the woodsy-type.

When visiting wine country, don’t forget to pack reusable wine travel bags. They are so thin and lightweight, you might as well leave them in your luggage at all times, just in case. Having your souvenir wine arrive in one piece? Priceless.

Traveling with real wine glasses while camping is rather complicated and dangerous and using a solo cup on a pricey bottle of vino is dissapointing. Fortunately, there are options for people who don’t want to break wine glasses! Recently, in exchange for feedback, I tested the best unbreakable wine glasses I’ve tried yet, by a company called TaZa. I have previous experience owning GoVino plastic wine glasses years ago, and in my opinion, TaZa’s were more like real wine glasses because they have a comfortable edge to sip from, vs GoVino which felt a bit uncomfortable with a sharp edge on the rim of the glass.

If you’re looking for a handy gift for wine lovers and campers, check out these unbreakable stemless wine glasses by TaZa. They are so beautiful I can’t believe they are plastic. A set of plastic wine glasses make for a creative bridal shower gift or wedding gift for friends that love to go camping. They are also dishwasher safe and can be used for romantic picnics and outdoor patio drinking.

Don’t like bugs? Then you would probably hate finding them in your wine. Campers who don’t like bugs will appreciate this bug net wine cover but I’m just wondering if I can order a life-size one to sleep in when camping!

The hands-free wine holder necklace is one of the most popular accessories I see fellow wine lovers sporting at wine festivals. Not only is it handy for wine tastings, it’s a cute gift for someone who loves to talk with their hands or drink wine while cooking.

Maybe it’s easy to juggle the first glass of wine at a picnic, but by the second, it’s time to put the wine down inbetween sips. Backyard wine drinkers know what I’m talking about. If you want to keep your hands free, check out these outdoor wine bottle holder yard stakes.

If you’re good at remembering to bring reusable bags to the grocery store, you’ll love this new way to transport wine for road trips, picnics and parties. This insulated tote bag makes for a housewarming gift, too.

If you own those popular collapsible seats, this wine glass holder for outdoor chairs will help you stay hands free while juggling your meal campside. It clips right on the arm rest so your hands are free to roast marshmallows.

Do you have an exit strategy? (a Marc Cuban quote)

Do you have an exit strategy? (a Marc Cuban quote)

Have you ever been asked:
What’s your 5 year plan?

It’s a dreaded question.

Some days we wake up and don’t even know our five hour plan.

Sometimes the thought of waking up and doing what we are doing today, for the next 1825 days over five years, can overwhelm us to the point of inaction.

If you have an exit strategy, it's not a passion. #markcuban #QUOTE #biztip

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Mute “stay in the box” advice

When you’re working on a passion project or growing a business, you have to keep the big vision in mind, even if you can’t yet visualize the realization of your dream. Think of what you want “it” to become and grow into.

Sip Bite Go came out of another site – a millennial type of event and promotional marketing blog. I love sharing my marketing background, but it was too limiting of a subject. I wanted to write about all the topics that interest people like me that juggle multiple skills and dreams. I quickly realized that, instead of getting stuck in a box, it was better to focus on all of the things that felt like “me” – creating, traveling around the country, sharing my best meals and experiences, creating recipes that are easy enough to do at home, celebrating life events and experiences, finding inspirational ideas and exploring them, using photography to share moments.

Thinking big to find untapped energy

There’s a lot of encouragement out there to dig yourself a niche. It might sound tempting to only build from one particular subject or perspective, but a lot of people who end up failing bury themselves along the way. Fads come and go, but the way to keep your passion burning from the flame in your heart down to your fingertips tapping the keyboard (the motivation that keeps you cranking out the promotional posts and answering customer service emails at 9 pm) is to allow your dreams to burst the bubble that seems safe and comfortable.

Consider the series I did on my blog about gift wrapping tips and ideas in December. I shared how to create super cute pom poms from yarn and a fork. At first I shared it as a Christmas tip, meaning it had a life span of 1 month a year. I set up all the photography to be Christmas-centric and put up the post. But I was going to be missing out on all the cute gift wrapping on Pinterest boards come Valentine’s Day. And for birthdays. And for anniversary gifts. That is a lot of gifting throughout the year, and a lot of people would be missing out on this cute pom pom making trick because of the limits I had imposed on myself. Thinking broader helped me keep the passion going for more than just that one blog post. I now promote the DIY project throughout the year and get visitors every week to my blog from that one post as a result.

Imagine what can happen when you think broadly about what your business can become – you create something that can touch more people at more times in their life, and on a regular basis. It’s a no brainer to invest time and energy into something with big potential.

Inspiring thought: Bet on yourself

Take the airplane view of all the territory your ideas can cover on your blog, your Instagram feed, and through networking activities. Stay true to your one recognizable brand, but know when to branch out. You really never know who you will become or what your passions will evolve into. Try not to back yourself into a corner from the beginning. Become what you’re meant to become.

 “If you have an exit strategy, it’s not a passion.”
inspirational quote by Mark Cuban

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