Monogrammed log coasters

Need a wedding gift idea for the bride and groom who has everything? Here’s a fun option. Saving coffee tables everywhere, monogrammed log coasters are a unique personalized wedding gift. And about every new couple could use them. Plus, if you want to buy monogrammed log coasters, there’s a discount code at the end. 

Creative WEDDING GIFT Idea FOR the BRIDE AND GROOM who has everything

I have quite a few months to go before my big day (August). So in the meantime, I’m enjoying personalized gifts like these sliced wood coasters with my soon-to-be initial “P”. I feel lucky to have a fiancé that makes me coffee every morning (it’s the little things, right?). Our mugs (and sometimes wine / beer glasses) look cute on these coasters. Rumor has it, my fiancé is plotting to use them in his future Man Cave. We’ll see about that…


Before I forget, special thanks to Out On a Limb Wood Products. The Etsy shop owned by Denae supplied these monogrammed log coasters without charge. Out On a Limb creates handmade unique wedding gifts. They’re also a featured vendor in my upcoming (+ free) Garden Wedding Ideas book.

Save 10% oFF personalized log coasters on Etsy

These wood slice coasters come in a set of 4 and cost ~$20. Shop Out On a Limb’s Etsy store  + enter code “sipbitego” at checkout for 10% off. Code valid through 12/31/17.

Psst… the personalized wood sign you see in the photo is from Nicole Chesea Designs.

What about Coasters as wedding decor?

Half decor / half drink accessory, these sliced log coasters can also be utilized as wedding decor. It’s easy to picture the log slices leaning against a floral centerpiece. Or scattered around cupcakes at a dessert table. (Whoops! The cupcakes were supposed to be a surprise… but obviously I’m thinking about cupcake decor for a reason…)

Monogrammed log coasters - a creative wedding gift idea for the bride and groom who has everything (except wood slice coasters). Get more garden wedding ideas at

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