There’s a surge of interest in sous vide cooking lately. It would be surprising if you haven’t heard of this healthy and fool-proof way to cook steaks, veggies, eggs, fruit, dessert and more.


Foodies everywhere are learning to cook sous vide style food at home.

Have you noticed that food always tastes good outHome chefs don’t usually have access to professional equipment. This is because sous vide machines used to be exclusive to restaurants. Now they are less-expensive and easy to use for the everyday home cook.

Food made this way uses less butter and oil than traditional cooking methods. While still preserving all the color and flavor of your food.

How to cook sous vide style. Learn to sous vide restaurant quality food at home and the kitchen tools you need to get started.

How to Sous Vide

1. Prep the food and bag it 

Prepare a large pot with the sous vide machine and hot water. This is called a “water bath”. While the sous vide brings up the temperature of the water, you can prep the food. Place seasoned meat or vegetables in a vacuum-sealed bag.

2. Sous vide

When the temperature is ready, the food bag is placed in the water bath. The sous vide machine keeps the water at a precise and reliable temperature, slowly cooking your food to perfection.

3. Serve

Some recipes require a quick 1-2 minute sear before they are ready to serve.

Sous vide vegetables

Sous vide vegetables have an intense flavor. Most are cooked at 180 degrees. Thin veggies like asparagus are cooked within 10-15 minutes. They are delicious when topped with a sous vide poached egg.

First sous vide at home. This vacuum-sealed rib eye will slow cook for 1-2 hours under heated water.

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Sous vide steak

Anyone can cook a spectacular ribeye or filet mignon at home with a sous vide machine. The sous vide takes all the guess work out of timing and temperature. Those are the two major issues that often ruin at-home steak.

With the help of the sous vide, steak is cooked to a perfect medium, medium rare, etc. Most steaks are ready within 1-2 hours.

Sous vide cooking tools

Check out your options for sous vide equipment

After trying a couple recipes, take your cooking to the next level with sous vide accessories and cook books.

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