Even mayo haters will love this recipe for Greek red potato salad. With feta and dill, this easy crowd pleaser is perfect for get togethers with the girls, potlucks, and BBQ parties. This dish will go fast, so make double if you want leftovers!


This Greek potato salad with no mayo is just as (if not more!) tasty than the traditional kind. Plus, it’s a bit lighter without mayo. Instead, vinegar, feta crumbles and sprinkles of fresh dill pack this salad with bold mediterranean flavors.

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Similar to a traditional potato salad, you can assemble this side dish up to a day in advance, a few hours ahead, or right before serving.

Need to substitute red potatoes? Make this Greek potato salad recipe with Yellow Finn or Yukon Gold potatoes – they also hold up well in cold potato salads.

Instead of mayo, garlic olive oil adds a lot of flavor…

Play up the mediterranean flavors in this side dish with Greek flavors like olives, raw red onions and bacon (not sure bacon is technically “Greek” whatsoever, but you can add bacon to anything, right?).

Once you get the hang of this easy Greek red potato salad recipe, try different flavor combos. Experiment with fresh in-season herbs and specialty cheeses. Try combinations of basil + parmesan, or rosemary + blue cheese.

Hope you enjoy this dish with your loved ones and friends!